Through our restaurant we offer our experience in memorial services. The food is prepared at our restaurant, were the commemoration can occur.

Roca restaurant organizes affordable meals for memorialsand funeral services. In our restaurant, having two rooms with a capacity of 150 seats, our staff is at your disposal. The food is prepared in the restaurant, from were the commemoration can occur. Offer full menu include everything that is catering, serving traditional meals, wafers ,cakes ,restaurant packages and towels, dishes etc. If you want the commemoration to take place at your home, our waiters are at your disposal. With all our services, we are trying to ease the pain of the family and offer help in a difficult moment, full of tears and pain, giving respect and discretion.


is a preparation of boiled wheat mixed with sugar and garnish with crushed nuts and powdered sugar candy, which is divided as alms at funerals and memorial services after being consecrated by a priest in the ministry concerned. Wheat symbolizes the faithful, sugar represents the virtues of the saints, and walnuts, the victory of life over death.
Alms means the imagine himself of the dead body, because the human body is the main food of wheat. The alms are made for memorial services for six days, six weeks, six months and one year after death

Sponge cake

Besides food and alms, in a requiem sponge cake is served too. In the package we can add on demand other products such as fruit, sweets etc. If you want this please mention when you order. Also it can contain both cooked food and packaged.



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We profive non stop funeral services! ROTCONS offers complete funeral services, and advice you in organising memorial services, funeral transport and accesories (coffins, wreaths, handles, crucifixes).


Timing seriosity and compassion are the qualities we have always cultivated in the relationship with each family stepping through our door. We come in the support of the mouring family handling the entire memorial services.


Our funeral services agency offer high quality services at at a level of quality corresponding to EU requirements, certified ISO 9001.